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7-9 November 2019
10:00 - 18:00 Daily
Kenyatta International Convention Centre, Nairobi, Kenya



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The Kenya Federation of Master Builders (KFMB) is a non-profit Contractors' Association established in under the Societies Act of Kenya to protect the interests of SME’S and Local Construction Firms. The Federation is a source of knowledge, professional advice and support for its members, providing a range of modern and relevant business building services to save them time and money.

Another key primary role for the Federation is to promote the viewpoints and interests of the building and construction industry and to provide services to members on a broad range of areas including training, legal services, industrial relations, building codes and standards, industry economics and international relations.

KFMB is independent and endeavors to lobby for members' interests at national level. KFMB has head office in Nairobi and regional representatives in major towns of the country. Members, whose majority are SMEs, are located all over the country.

The KFMB Objectives:

1.        To promote and encourage consultations between and amongst its members on matters connected with developments and emerging technology in the construction industry.

2.       To lobby, promote support or oppose legislation and bureaucratic measures for builders.

3.       To formulate and uphold the highest standards of construction business ethics by encouraging fair practices and efficiency among its members.

4.       To promote training courses on the principles and practices in the building industry.

5.       To give advice to members on financial & or legal matters arising out of contractual obligations.

6.      To purchase, sell, lease machinery, chattels, land necessary for the promotion of its objectives.