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National Construction Authority  

The National Construction Authority (NCA) is a state corporation established by an act of parliament: The National Construction Authority Act No.41 of 2011 and was enacted in December 2011. The National Construction Authority Act No. 41 of 2011 establishes the Authority .The role of the Authority is enshrined in the functions and powers accorded to it through the National Construction Act. The Authority has an overall responsibility to oversee, the construction industry and coordinate its development.

The Authority is currently placed under the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure. The Act provides the Authority with a mandate to oversee and coordinate the construction industry through various initiatives such as trainings and capacity building, quality assurance, the dissemination of research among other things.

Our Mission

To regulate, streamline and build capacity in the construction industry

Our Vision

A well-coordinated and developed construction industry for sustainable socioeconomic development

Our Motto

Excellence in the Construction Industry

NCA'S Core Functions

• To register and regulate the performance of local and foreign contractors and accredit skilled construction workers and site supervisors;

• To encourage the standardization and improvement of construction techniques and materials;

• To promote and coordinate training programmes in the construction industry organized by accredited public and private training institutions as well as to provide consultancy and advisory services;

• To coordinate research in the construction industry, disseminate research findings and establish a construction industry information system; and

• To promote quality assurance and develop and publish a code of conduct for the construction industry.

The Authority is currently having offices in 12 regions in Kenya including:

Nairobi Region, Western Region, Coast Region, Central Nyanza Region, Central Rift Region, North Rift Region, South Nyanza Region, Central Eastern Region, North Eastern Region, Mt. Kenya Region, Lower Eastern Region and Upper Eastern Region

Key Milestones for the Authority

In the last four years the authority has achieved the following milestones in construction industry;

• The Authority has established a register of contractors, currently standing at 18,300 construction firms registered in 4No. classes as at March 2016

• About 150,000 construction workers and site supervisors have been accredited and a register has been created for them.

• The National Construction Research Agenda (NaCRA), consultative meeting with key research stakeholders was held in 2014 and led to the development of a research agenda for the industry.

• Development and publishing of a code of conduct for the construction industry.

• Recruitment of key staff to support its operations.

• Benchmarking, both locally and internationally has been done and best practices adopted in most operations.

• Development and operationalization of the Authorities internal policies and procedures.

• The 1st International Annual Construction Research Conference and Exhibition (ACoRCE) held in 2015

• Mapping of Technical Training Institutions has been done across the country and partnerships have been made with some of the institutions.

• Several MoUs with local, regional and international institutions with a view to cooperate in areas of mutual interest.

• Launch of a robust strategic plan 2015-2020.

The Following are some of the Strategic Intents of NCA as Per the Strategic Plan 2015-2020

Key Result Area 2015-2020:

• Construction industry regulated

• Capacity within the construction industry built and improved

• Quality in the construction industry assured

• Research and development in the construction industry enhanced

• Development and sustainability of the Authority


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