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 For over 10 years, Climate Control Middle East ( has exclusively been reporting on the HVACR industry in the Middle East with an unwavering commitment to providing in-depth news, perspectives and analyses. The coverage has included a broad sweep of topics ranging from energy security to food safety, from indoor environmental quality to climate change, from data centre cooling to process cooling and from fire safety to building performance. Embedded in them are specific topics related to District Cooling, standalone systems, hospital ventilation, transport refrigeration, cold storage warehousing, acoustics, vibration, refrigerants and more. In covering the topics, the magazine has constantly applied such markers as health, energy efficiency, resource conservation, reliability and cost-effectiveness, keeping in mind broad social, environmental and economic ideals.

Over the years, Climate Control Middle East has earned the approval and respect of stakeholders in the industry, be they ministries, planning authorities, policy-makers and regulators in government; master developers and developers; contractors; consultants; technology solutions providers or service providers. Playing the role of a conduit or of a commentator, the magazine, which enjoys international acclaim, has striven to be the voice of the industry and to collaborate in community building. It has celebrated path-breaking policy decisions, bold engineering approaches and best practices that have gone on to benefit people and planet.


CPI Industry: CPI Industry is a strategic publisher of marquee B2B magazines and a producer of high-end conferences related to the electro-mechanical sector. Its key areas of interest and coverage include the Montreal Protocol, Kyoto Protocol, UAE Vision 2021, Qatar National Vision 2030, the UAE National Strategy and Action Plan for Environmental Health and the Dubai Strategic Plan 2020… all in the context of the electromechanical sector. As part of its strategic alignment with international and regional environmental and broad socio-economic development goals, the organisation analyses and reports on such issues as power security, renewable and alternative sources of energy, water security, food safety (cold chain management), climate change and green buildings. CPI Industry enjoys the support and goodwill of governmental, quasi-governmental and private-sector bodies in the region and elsewhere.