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Baioni Crushing Plants Spa

Baioni Crushing Plants Spa

Baioni Crushing Plants is the world’s partner in the production of machinery for mining, quarrying, recycling and wastewater treatment. The company produces a complete range of machinery for the extracting and mining industrymanufactured 100% in-house, in Italy.

With production bases entirely in Italy at headquarter in Monte Porzio – Pesaro, the company, with more than half a century of experience and history and in the quarrying and related sectors, has today achieved a wealth of skills and know-how to enable quality production of its machinery for the various sectors it addresses, offering a complete range of solutions for the entire industrial processing cycle, in particular, offering specific and customized solutions for the following processes:

  • crushing
  • screening and washing
  • feeding
  • transport and storage
  • sand treatment
  • Hall: Hall 1
  • Stand: OS25
  • Country: Italy