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CPD Talks

Empowering your success through knowledge



The Big 5 Construct Kenya Talks, hosted alongside the exhibition, will focus on the themes of Technology, Project Management, Architecture & Design, and Sustainability. These CPD-certified talks will feature keynotes and panel discussions from industry thought leaders and put a spotlight on what is new and relevant, address the challenges of construction and takeaway practical solutions for a better future of construction in Kenya.

CPD Certified Talks

Our CPD-certified talks and sessions help you upskill and bring valuable knowledge back to your office.


The Tech Talks will provide a space for technology and project owners to learn and discuss innovation through technology.  Technology specifically relating to building information modelling (BIM), and the internet of things (IoT) are already being used.


The Project Management Talks will help identify and manage your project risks, discuss the latest challenges that the industry is facing, highlighting the new trends and skills needed to overcome them.



The Architecture and Design Talks will enable you to learn, network and share ideas encourage future, which will help build the foundations for the future of architecture –through collaborative engagement processes, identifying the skills, processes and resources needed to deliver ambitious, vision-based placemaking, communities and more inclusive communities.


The Sustainability Talks will lay emphasis on the opportunities and challenges faced in turning the region greener, initiatives taken up by private and public. These Talks are produced with the expertise and guidance of industry specialists aiming to foster sustainability for the future on the construction sector.